KC DiversAbility College & Career Fair

Please join The Transition Academy April 14 for an interactive, metro wide DiversAbility College & Career Fair, where your students and graduates with disabilities can talk with college and job-training admission counselors; design a resume; interview for jobs and fill out a first intake form for state and local services. If you have questions, please email us at info@thetransitionacademy.org, or call (816) 837-0744.  

More than 30 reps from colleges, employment and government benefits to help you plan next steps after high school

KC DiversAbility College & Career Fair Agenda

4 p.m. Session

Everything You Need To Know About Getting the Benefits You Need To Be Successful After High School

Families are always told to fill out tons of paperwork. But what happens after the paperwork is submitted? Here’s your chance to learn how to get the benefits you’re entitled to in order to be successful after high school. Presenters include Jennifer Seidel of EITAS and Georgia Mueller of Visioneer DD Benefits Navigation.

5 p.m. Sessions

Be The Change

This panel will showcase area organizations developed by parents to provide innovative post-high school opportunities for young adults with disabilities. Simone Curls, Executive Director of Prospect Business Association, will serve as moderator. Panelists include: Melanie Hudgens, Director of Administration and Programs at the Farmer’s House, and Lee Davis, Co-Founder of Autism Grows

Discovering Personal Genius

This presentation shows how families can work with youth with disabilities to discover their talents and develop them into fulfilling career pathways.

Kim Riley, Founder and CEO of The Transition Academy, will serve as Facilitator.

Amber Buck, Community Outreach & Inclusion Coordinator at Piper School District, will share how real world learning opportunities benefit all students. Michelle Mitchell is the mom of scholar-athlete Gerald Mitchell, sophomore with autism at the Kauffman School.

6 p.m. Sessions

College Success

Kate Duffy, The Transition Academy’s College and Career Success Consultant, will serve as Facilitator for this fireside chat featuring families impacted by autism. Participants include: Paseo Academy alumnus and UMKC Senior Sam Brown and his mom Rachel Townsend as well as Schylon Kubic, mom of Park Hill South Senior and Johnson County Community College Incoming Freshman, Garrett Henry.


This panel explores the benefits of self-employment for youth with disabilities. Dan Smith, CEO of The Porter House KC, will serve as moderator. Panelists include: The Taylor Family (Kim and Tony are parents) featuring Jonah, who is nonverbal, has autism and is the owner of Jonah’s Vending. Judy Bumpus, Disability Advisor who has supported numerous individuals pursuing entrepreneurship.

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