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The Transition Academy is your source for special needs college and career planning. Students, families and teachers now have a navigation tool to explore options after high school!


State of Special Education During COVID-19 In KCPS and Charter Schools

Students with disabilities are most impacted by the disruption in learning brought on by COVID-19. The Transition Academy, in partnership with School Smart KC and UMKC School of Social Work, is administering the "State of Special Education During COVID-19 In KCPS and Charter Schools." The goal of this project is to understand the experiences and needs of teachers and families of students with IEPs and 504 plans during virtual learning as a result of the pandemic.

Survey & Focus Group

Families and teachers will have two options to participate in the survey - online or via phone. The survey is available Oct. 9-23. Families can click here to complete their survey. Teachers can complete their survey here.

Those who would like to complete the survey over the phone can contact Raven Bunn at 816.585.1136.

After completing the survey, families and teachers are also invited to participate in an online focus group on Oct. 24.


The project includes: 

  • Separate surveys for teachers and families to complete from October 9th to 23rd.  Participants who complete the surveys will receive a $50 gift card. 

  • Participants will also have the option to participate in a focus group led by a representative with Children's Mercy on October 24th for an additional $50 gift card.  

In summary, families and teachers of students on IEPs and 504 plans will have the opportunity to complete a survey for $50 and participate in a focus group for $50 for a total of $100.

For more information

Contact kriley@thetransitionacademy.org for more information. 




You just graduated high school... now what?

Friday August 7, 2020 // 12 PM

Transition Fair for Students with Disabilities

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The Transition Academy invites parents and students to explore all the options and resources available including pathways to higher education, employment opportunities, support coordinator guardianship, and more! Hear from experts in 10-minute breakout conversations about the variety of options available in Kansas City and beyond!


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The Transition Academy was founded by Kim Riley, a parent determined to make sure students with disabilities get to explore college and career options after high school. And if the option doesn't exist, let's create it together.


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The Transition Academy offers college and career opportunities including:

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